A help desk does all of the following EXCEPT:

Streamline intake

Provide feedback

Improve experiences with reporting

Triage customer issues

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Explanation: A help desk performs various functions to facilitate efficient customer support and issue resolution, including streamlining intake, triaging customer issues, and improving experiences with reporting. However, the function it typically does not encompass is providing feedback. While a help desk is instrumental in managing and resolving customer inquiries, its primary focus is on receiving, organizing, prioritizing, and routing tickets to the appropriate teams or individuals for resolution. Feedback processes, on the other hand, often involve soliciting input from customers or stakeholders regarding their experiences with products, services, or support interactions, and using this feedback to identify areas for improvement and inform strategic decisions. While feedback mechanisms may be integrated into help desk systems to gather insights and monitor customer satisfaction, the primary role of a help desk is to facilitate the resolution of customer issues rather than providing feedback per se. Therefore, the correct answer is Provide feedback.

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