A member of your marketing team wants to send a sales offer to your existing customers. How do you respond?

“That’s fine, as long as it helps them do the job they hired our product to do.”

“That’s a good idea because we can put more pressure on people who have previously bought from us than we can put on prospects.”

“We shouldn’t do that. Asking customers to buy from us again is a betrayal of their trust.”

“That’s a bad idea. Those people have already bought from us. We should focus on finding new prospects instead.”

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Explanation: The correct answer is “That’s fine, as long as it helps them do the job they hired our product to do.” This response acknowledges the opportunity to engage with existing customers through sales offers but emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the offer aligns with the customer’s needs and objectives. By framing the decision in terms of helping customers accomplish the job they hired the product to do, the response prioritizes delivering value and addressing customer needs over solely focusing on driving additional sales. Approaching sales offers in this manner not only enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty but also increases the likelihood of repeat purchases and referrals. It demonstrates a customer-centric mindset, where sales efforts are aimed at providing solutions and benefits that genuinely benefit the customer, fostering long-term relationships and sustainable business growth. Therefore, this response reflects a strategic and customer-focused approach to leveraging sales offers with existing customers, ensuring that they contribute to mutual value creation and positive customer experiences.

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