A(n) _______ list can help you gain an understanding of contacts who met a certain criteria on a particular date. Then you can look back at that list later and see contacts who may no longer meet the criteria.





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Explanation: Static is the correct answer. A static list in HubSpot allows you to capture a snapshot of contacts who met specific criteria on a particular date, and it remains unchanged unless contacts are manually added or removed. Static lists are valuable for historical tracking and analysis, as they provide a fixed record of contacts who met the criteria at the time the list was created. This enables users to gain insights into past trends, behaviors, or characteristics of contacts, even if they no longer meet the criteria in the present. By looking back at static lists later, users can compare changes over time, identify trends, and assess the effectiveness of past campaigns or initiatives. Additionally, static lists serve as a reference point for understanding the evolution of contact segments and can inform future targeting and segmentation strategies. Therefore, the correct answer is static, as it accurately describes the type of list that helps users gain an understanding of contacts who met a certain criteria on a particular date and allows for retrospective analysis of changes in contact attributes or behaviors over time.

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