A service level agreement is a(n)

Ticket pipeline

Commitment between a service provider and a client

Understanding of the amount of time it takes a company to solve a problem

Agreement between two competing companies

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Commitment between a service provider and a client.’ A service level agreement (SLA) is a formal contract between a service provider and a client that outlines the level of service expected, including the quality, availability, and responsiveness of the service. SLAs establish clear expectations and commitments regarding the performance metrics, such as response time, resolution time, uptime guarantees, and support availability. These agreements are crucial for maintaining transparency, accountability, and trust between service providers and their clients, ensuring that both parties understand their roles and responsibilities. SLAs serve as essential tools for managing and maintaining customer satisfaction, as they provide a framework for measuring and improving service delivery. By defining clear benchmarks and expectations, SLAs help mitigate disputes and ensure that services meet the needs and expectations of clients. Therefore, the definition of a service level agreement as a commitment between a service provider and a client accurately captures its fundamental purpose and significance in business relationships.

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