A skip to content link should skip to which landmark element on the page?





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Explanation: A skip to content link should skip to the main landmark element on the page. Landmark elements are semantic HTML elements that help define the structure of a webpage, improving accessibility and navigation for users, especially those using screen readers. The main landmark typically represents the primary content of the webpage, making it the ideal target for a skip to content link. When users activate this link, it allows them to bypass repetitive navigation menus or headers and directly access the main content area, enhancing their browsing experience, particularly for users with disabilities or those navigating using keyboard shortcuts. This practice aligns with web accessibility guidelines, such as those outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which emphasize providing mechanisms for users to bypass blocks of content and navigate efficiently through web pages. Therefore, directing the skip to content link to the main landmark element ensures that users can quickly access the core information or functionality of the webpage, promoting inclusivity and usability.

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