A vision should be all of the following EXCEPT:

Achievable within one year.


Easy to explain.

Challenging to accomplish.

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Achievable within one year.’ A vision serves as a guiding beacon for an organization, outlining its long-term aspirations and desired future state. While a vision should be bold, challenging, and inspiring, it typically encompasses goals and objectives that extend beyond the scope of a single year. By setting a vision that is bold and challenging, organizations motivate stakeholders and align efforts towards achieving significant growth and impact over an extended period. Additionally, a vision should be easy to explain to ensure clarity and understanding among stakeholders, facilitating alignment and commitment towards shared objectives. However, setting a vision that is achievable within one year may limit the organization’s potential and fail to inspire sustained growth and innovation. Instead, visions are meant to transcend short-term constraints and guide the organization towards a compelling future state that may require time, effort, and perseverance to realize fully. Therefore, the statement that a vision should be achievable within one year is inconsistent with the purpose and essence of a visionary statement, making it the correct choice in this context.

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