According to Lately’s Kate Bradley Chernis, where should you start when thinking about the structure of a story?

The end

The beginning

The middle

Anywhere, as it doesn't really matter

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Explanation: The correct answer is The middle. Kate Bradley Chernis, the CEO of Lately, suggests that when thinking about the structure of a story, it’s beneficial to start with the middle. This approach may seem counterintuitive to conventional storytelling wisdom, which often emphasizes beginning with the exposition or setting the stage for the narrative. However, starting with the middle allows storytellers to focus on the core message, conflict, or turning point of the story—the essence that drives the narrative forward and captures audience attention. By identifying the pivotal moment or key elements of the story first, storytellers can then work backward to craft the beginning and forward to develop the conclusion, ensuring that every component of the narrative serves to amplify and support the central theme or message. This approach helps maintain coherence and narrative momentum, guiding the storytelling process and ensuring that the story resonates with audiences effectively. Therefore, starting with the middle provides a strategic framework for crafting compelling and engaging narratives that captivate and resonate with audiences, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness and impact of storytelling efforts.

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