After managing multiple deals in your sales pipeline, you realize that a few promising leads are not progressing as expected. Which customization feature in HubSpot's deal board can help you identify deals that need attention due to inactivity?

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Explanation: The customization feature in HubSpot’s deal board that can help you identify deals needing attention due to inactivity is the ‘Inactive Cards’ option. This feature allows users to flag deals that have shown little to no activity within a specified timeframe, enabling sales representatives and managers to prioritize follow-ups and interventions where needed. In a busy sales pipeline, it’s easy for promising leads to slip through the cracks, but by utilizing the ‘Inactive Cards’ feature, users can quickly pinpoint stagnant deals and take proactive steps to reignite engagement and progress. This customization option enhances efficiency and effectiveness in deal management, ensuring that valuable opportunities receive the attention they require to move forward in the sales process. Therefore, the correct answer is ‘Inactive Cards,’ as it accurately identifies the customization feature within HubSpot’s deal board designed to highlight deals requiring attention due to inactivity, thereby aiding in effective pipeline management and follow-up strategies.

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