All of the following are components of a topic cluster EXCEPT:

Core topics, which will take the shape of your pillar page

Subtopics, such as blog posts or videos

Distribution channels, such as YouTube or Twitter

Internal hyperlinks

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Explanation: Distribution channels, such as YouTube or Twitter, are not components of a topic cluster. A topic cluster is a content strategy framework used to organize and interlink related content on a website to improve SEO and user experience. Core topics, represented by pillar pages, serve as the foundational pieces that cover broad subjects relevant to the business or industry. Subtopics, which consist of blog posts or videos, delve into specific aspects or facets of the core topics, providing in-depth information and addressing various aspects of the subject matter. Internal hyperlinks connect these core topics and subtopics, forming a semantic network that signals to search engines the depth and relevance of the content on the website. This structure enhances the website’s SEO performance by consolidating authority around core topics and distributing it to related subtopics, ultimately improving organic search visibility. While distribution channels like YouTube or Twitter are essential for content promotion and reaching a wider audience, they are external platforms and not inherent components of a topic cluster strategy focused on organizing and optimizing on-site content. Therefore, the exclusion of distribution channels as a component of a topic cluster is accurate.

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