All of the following are default reports in HubSpot CRM EXCEPT:

Deal revenue leaderboard.

Deal forecast.

Sales performance.

Deals closed vs goal.

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Explanation: The correct answer is Deal revenue leaderboard. In HubSpot CRM, default reports are pre-built analytics tools designed to provide users with insights into various aspects of their sales activities and performance. These reports offer valuable information to help sales teams track progress, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. Reports such as ‘Deal forecast,’ ‘Sales performance,’ and ‘Deals closed vs goal’ are examples of default reports commonly found in HubSpot CRM. They offer insights into sales forecasts, team performance metrics, and goal attainment, respectively. However, the ‘Deal revenue leaderboard’ is not a default report in HubSpot CRM. While it could be a valuable report for tracking revenue contributions from different team members or segments, it is not included as a default option. Instead, users may need to create a custom report to track deal revenue in a leaderboard format. Therefore, the other options listed are default reports provided by HubSpot CRM to help users analyze and optimize their sales processes, whereas the ‘Deal revenue leaderboard’ would require customization to achieve similar insights.

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