All of the following are examples of how you can export campaign data EXCEPT:





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Explanation: PDF is not typically used as a format for exporting campaign data. While XLSX, XLS, and CSV are commonly used file formats for exporting data from various software platforms, including marketing automation tools like HubSpot, PDF is primarily used for document sharing and presentation purposes rather than data export. XLSX (Excel Open XML Spreadsheet) and XLS (Excel Spreadsheet) are formats commonly used for exporting tabular data into Microsoft Excel, allowing for further analysis, manipulation, and visualization. CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is a plaintext format used for exporting data in a structured, tabular form, making it compatible with a wide range of spreadsheet and database software. In contrast, PDF (Portable Document Format) is more suitable for preserving the layout and formatting of documents, making it less practical for exporting raw data from campaigns. Therefore, the exclusion of PDF as an example of how to export campaign data is accurate, as it is not a common format for this purpose.

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