All of the following are examples of inbound leads EXCEPT:

A live chat from a website visitor

A phone call into your company

Someone who reaches out to you on LinkedIn or Twitter

Someone who mentions your company on LinkedIn or Twitter

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Explanation: The correct answer is Someone who mentions your company on LinkedIn or Twitter. Inbound leads typically involve direct engagement initiated by potential customers expressing interest in your products or services. A live chat from a website visitor, a phone call into your company, and someone reaching out to you on LinkedIn or Twitter all represent instances where individuals proactively engage with your business, indicating potential interest in what you offer. However, someone who merely mentions your company on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter without any direct interaction or inquiry doesn’t qualify as an inbound lead. While brand mentions on social media can provide valuable visibility and potential networking opportunities, they don’t necessarily indicate an immediate interest in engaging with your business. Therefore, true inbound leads involve more direct forms of communication or engagement initiated by the prospect, facilitating a smoother transition into the sales process.

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