All of the following are examples of social selling EXCEPT:

Reading, sharing, and commenting on blog posts

Following and engaging with thought leaders on social media platforms

Sharing content from your company and other sources on social media

Sending a series of personalized emails to good-fit prospects

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Explanation: The correct answer is Sending a series of personalized emails to good-fit prospects. Social selling involves leveraging social media platforms and online networks to identify, connect with, understand, and nurture sales prospects. It focuses on building relationships and providing value rather than directly pitching products or services. Reading, sharing, and commenting on blog posts, following and engaging with thought leaders, and sharing relevant content are all examples of social selling activities that contribute to establishing credibility, fostering connections, and engaging with potential customers in a non-intrusive manner. However, sending a series of personalized emails to prospects falls more within the realm of traditional email marketing or outbound sales tactics rather than social selling, as it typically involves direct outreach rather than engaging within the context of a social media platform or online community. Social selling aims to create conversations and develop relationships within the digital sphere, leveraging social networks as channels for interaction and relationship-building rather than relying solely on email communication. Therefore, while personalized email outreach can be an effective sales tactic, it does not align with the principles of social selling as it operates outside the context of social media engagement and networking.

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