All of the following are questions to ask while discussing authority EXCEPT:

“How have decisions like this been made in the past?”

“Who else needs to be involved in this decision?”

“Do you typically discuss things like this with anyone in your family or with another trusted advisor?”

“Are you the right person for me to be talking with?”

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Explanation: The selected answer, “Are you the right person for me to be talking with?”, is not an appropriate question to ask while discussing authority. This question can come across as confrontational or dismissive, potentially undermining the rapport established with the prospect. It may also make the prospect feel inadequate or defensive, which can hinder the sales process. Instead, the other options provided focus on gathering information about the prospect’s decision-making process and identifying key stakeholders involved in the purchasing decision. By asking about past decision-making experiences, discussing the involvement of other decision-makers, and inquiring about any external influencers, the salesperson can gain valuable insights into the prospect’s authority and influence within their organization. These questions help establish a clearer understanding of the decision-making dynamics, enabling the salesperson to navigate the sales process more effectively and tailor their approach to address the needs and preferences of all relevant stakeholders. Therefore, while the other options facilitate productive discussions about authority, the question “Are you the right person for me to be talking with?” may not yield useful information and could potentially hinder the progression of the sales conversation.

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