All of the following are reasons to @ mention someone on a ticket record EXCEPT:

To escalate a ticket

As an FYI

To transfer ticket ownership

To email the customer

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Explanation: All of the following are reasons to @ mention someone on a ticket record except to transfer ticket ownership. In ticket management systems like HubSpot, @ mentioning someone on a ticket record serves various purposes, including escalating a ticket to draw attention to urgent issues or involve specific team members, providing updates or additional information as an FYI, or seeking input or assistance from colleagues. However, transferring ticket ownership typically involves more formal processes within the ticketing system, such as reassigning the ticket to another agent or team. This process often requires specific permissions and workflows to ensure proper tracking, accountability, and continuity of customer support. While @ mentioning can facilitate communication and collaboration among support team members, transferring ticket ownership typically involves administrative actions and changes to the ticket’s status or assignment, making it distinct from a simple @ mention. Therefore, the correct answer is to transfer ticket ownership.

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