All of the following are ways to improve the mobile experience for a website visitor EXCEPT:

Create a shorter version of your forms.

Add your phone number as a click-to-call link on the homepage.

Hide any pop-up elements such as chat panes and slide-in CTAs.

Add more links to keep the visitor engaged.

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Explanation: Improving the mobile experience for a website visitor involves optimizing the site for better usability and accessibility on mobile devices. However, adding more links to keep the visitor engaged is not an effective approach and is the correct answer for the exception. Adding excessive links can clutter the mobile interface, making navigation more difficult and overwhelming for users, especially on smaller screens. This can lead to a frustrating user experience, as visitors may struggle to find the information they’re seeking amidst a plethora of links. The other options—creating shorter forms, adding a click-to-call phone number on the homepage, and hiding pop-up elements such as chat panes and slide-in CTAs—are all valid strategies for enhancing the mobile experience. Shorter forms reduce friction for mobile users during data entry, click-to-call functionality provides a convenient way for users to contact the business directly, and hiding intrusive pop-ups helps maintain a clean and unobstructed interface. These approaches prioritize simplicity, efficiency, and user-friendliness, which are key principles in mobile optimization. Therefore, while the other options contribute positively to the mobile experience, adding more links detracts from usability and should be avoided.

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