All of the following are ways you can report on a campaign EXCEPT:

In the campaign itself

In campaign analytics, under the reporting tool

Both of the above

None of the above: Campaign reporting is a default option in the marketing dashboard

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Explanation: The correct answer is None of the above: Campaign reporting is a default option in the marketing dashboard. In HubSpot, campaign reporting is indeed a default option accessible directly from the marketing dashboard. Users can easily access comprehensive campaign analytics and reports without the need to navigate to individual campaigns or campaign analytics tools separately. By providing a centralized and intuitive interface within the marketing dashboard, HubSpot streamlines the process of tracking and analyzing campaign performance, allowing users to monitor key metrics, evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing strategies. This approach simplifies campaign reporting and ensures that users can quickly access the insights they need to assess the success of their marketing efforts and drive continuous improvement. Therefore, the statement that all of the other options are ways to report on a campaign is incorrect; instead, campaign reporting is conveniently available as a default option within the marketing dashboard in HubSpot.

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