All of the following questions are part of the 1-10 closing technique EXCEPT:

On a scale of one to ten, where one is 'I'm not at all interested in working with you,' and ten is, 'I want to buy right now,' what number would you say you are?

Wow, that's a high number! Why did you pick that number?

That makes sense. Sounds like you have a lot of good reasons to buy our product. So why didn't you pick ten as your number?

I understand. Now I'm going to pick a number that I think is the right number for you. What number do you think I'm going to pick?

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Explanation: The selected answer, I understand. Now I’m going to pick a number that I think is the right number for you. What number do you think I’m going to pick?, is correct because it deviates from the typical structure and purpose of the 1-10 closing technique. The 1-10 closing technique involves asking the prospect to rate their level of interest or satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10 to gauge their readiness to proceed with the purchase. However, the provided statement does not align with this approach; instead, it introduces an unexpected element by suggesting that the salesperson will choose a number for the prospect. This undermines the purpose of the technique, which is to empower the prospect to evaluate their own level of interest and engagement with the offering. The other options, such as asking the prospect to explain their chosen number or probing for reasons behind their selection, are consistent with the 1-10 closing technique as they aim to uncover insights into the prospect’s perspective and decision-making process, ultimately facilitating a more informed and effective sales conversation. Therefore, the statement about the salesperson choosing a number for the prospect deviates from the typical application of the 1-10 closing technique and is not an appropriate question to include in this context.

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