At which stage of the Buyer’s Journey is a user most likely to be if she is spending time on your products page?


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Sales Qualified Lead



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Explanation: If a user is spending time on your products page, they are most likely at the Decision stage of the Buyer’s Journey. During this stage, the user has already identified their problem or need and is actively evaluating different solutions or options available to them. By visiting the products page, the user is likely interested in the specific offerings your business provides and is evaluating whether they meet their requirements or preferences. At this point, the user is comparing features, prices, and benefits to determine which product best fits their needs and offers the most value. Therefore, spending time on the products page indicates that the user is in the final stages of their decision-making process and is close to making a purchase decision. By understanding the user’s stage in the Buyer’s Journey, businesses can tailor their marketing efforts and content to address the specific needs and concerns of users at this crucial stage, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversion and closing the sale. Therefore, selecting the option that identifies the Decision stage as the most likely stage for a user spending time on the products page is correct, as it aligns with the user’s behavior and intent in evaluating potential solutions and making a purchase decision.

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