Buying insights reveal all of the following EXCEPT:

Which buyers are receptive and which will ignore you

What attitudes prevent your buyers from considering your solutions

The age range of your buyers

What resources your buyers trust as they evaluate their options

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Explanation: The correct answer is The age range of your buyers. Buying insights encompass a range of valuable information that helps businesses understand their customers’ behavior, preferences, and decision-making processes. These insights shed light on crucial aspects such as which buyers are receptive to marketing efforts and which ones may disregard them, uncovering the underlying attitudes or objections that prevent certain buyers from considering a company’s solutions. Additionally, they provide insights into the resources and sources of information that buyers trust as they navigate through their purchasing journey, offering valuable guidance for marketing and sales strategies. However, age range is typically demographic information and may not always provide actionable insights into buying behaviors or preferences. Instead, understanding factors such as attitudes, preferences, pain points, and trusted resources allows businesses to tailor their marketing messages and strategies more effectively, ultimately leading to better engagement and conversion rates. Therefore, while buying insights provide valuable information for customer targeting and engagement, the age range of buyers alone may not offer the same level of actionable intelligence in understanding and influencing purchasing decisions.

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