Choose all that apply. Technical optimizations you can make to your website in the HubSpot Content Hub include:

Customizing your sitemap.

Adding links between topic cluster content.

Customizing your robots.txt file.

Enabling Google AMP.

Requiring HTTPs for your domains.

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Explanation: In the HubSpot Content Hub, several technical optimizations can be made to enhance the performance and visibility of your website, and the options marked with Customizing your sitemap, Customizing your robots.txt file, Enabling Google AMP, and Requiring HTTPs for your domains are all valid methods. Firstly, customizing your sitemap allows you to tailor the structure and organization of your website’s sitemap to better reflect its content and hierarchy, ensuring that search engine crawlers can navigate and index your site effectively. Secondly, customizing your robots.txt file gives you control over which pages or sections of your website are accessible to search engine crawlers, helping you manage crawl budget and prevent indexing of sensitive or irrelevant content. Thirdly, enabling Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) creates faster-loading versions of your web pages optimized for mobile devices, enhancing user experience and potentially improving search engine rankings. Finally, requiring HTTPs for your domains ensures that data transmitted between your website and its visitors is encrypted and secure, which is not only important for user trust but also contributes positively to SEO rankings. Therefore, all the selected options represent technical optimizations that can be implemented within the HubSpot Content Hub to improve website performance, search engine visibility, and user experience.

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