Choose all that apply. What are the different types of templates in the Content Hub?

Page templates

Website templates

Blog templates

System templates

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Explanation: The correct answers are Page templates, Blog templates, and System templates. These templates represent different types of pre-designed frameworks or layouts available in the Content Hub for creating various types of content. Page templates serve as blueprints for individual web pages, providing a structure and design layout that users can customize with their own content. They are versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from landing pages to contact pages. Blog templates are specifically tailored for creating blog posts, offering features such as post formatting options, author information, and social sharing buttons. They ensure consistency and branding across blog posts and streamline the content creation process for bloggers. System templates are foundational templates that govern the overall design and functionality of a website, including elements like the header, footer, and navigation menu. They establish a cohesive look and feel for the entire website and provide a consistent user experience across different pages. While Website templates could be considered a type of template, it’s not explicitly mentioned as an option in the Content Hub, so it’s not a correct answer in this context. Therefore, selecting Page templates, Blog templates, and System templates accurately identifies the different types of templates available in the Content Hub, highlighting the variety and versatility of pre-designed frameworks users can leverage to create compelling and consistent content.

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