Choose all that apply. What are the most important things to do when replying to press request alerts?

Respond quickly

Include an image or video

Give the journalist exactly the information they want

Make sure they know how authoritative your site is

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Explanation: The correct answers are ‘Respond quickly’ and ‘Give the journalist exactly the information they want.’ These options reflect key best practices when replying to press request alerts, making them the correct choices. Responding quickly to press requests is crucial as journalists often work on tight deadlines, and being prompt increases the likelihood of your response being considered. Additionally, providing the journalist with precisely the information they request demonstrates professionalism and helps streamline their workflow, increasing the chances of your contribution being included in their story. Including an image or video may enhance the appeal of your response and provide additional context, but it is not always necessary or requested by journalists. Similarly, while emphasizing the authority of your site can bolster your credibility, it’s more important to focus on meeting the journalist’s specific needs and requirements to maximize the likelihood of your response being utilized in their coverage. Therefore, prioritizing quick responses and tailoring your replies to fulfill the journalist’s information needs are the most important actions to take when replying to press request alerts.

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