Choose all that apply. Where in HubSpot can you use folders to organize your Content Hub assets?

File manager



Landing pages

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Explanation: The selected answers are ‘File manager,’ ‘Forms,’ and ‘Landing pages.’ In HubSpot’s Content Hub, folders play a crucial role in organizing assets efficiently across various content management features. Within the File Manager, folders help users categorize and manage digital assets such as images, documents, and multimedia files, allowing for easy access and retrieval when needed. Similarly, in the Forms tool, folders enable users to organize their forms based on different campaigns, departments, or any other relevant criteria, facilitating streamlined management and optimization of form submissions. Additionally, folders are utilized in the Landing Pages tool to structure and group landing pages according to specific campaigns, initiatives, or website sections, simplifying the process of creating, editing, and monitoring landing page performance. However, themes are not typically organized using folders in HubSpot’s Content Hub, as themes are overarching design templates that provide the framework for a website’s visual appearance and functionality, rather than individual assets or content pieces. Therefore, the correct options are those where folders are utilized to organize assets effectively within the Content Hub, which include the File Manager, Forms, and Landing Pages features.

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