Choose all that apply. Which methods can you use to research your user’s goals on your website?




Card sorting

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Explanation: To research your user’s goals on your website, there are several methods you can employ, and the options marked with Surveys, Email, and Heat-mapping are all effective approaches. Surveys allow you to directly ask users about their goals, preferences, and experiences, providing valuable insights into their motivations and behavior. Through carefully crafted questions, you can gather qualitative and quantitative data to better understand user needs and expectations. Similarly, email can be a powerful tool for collecting user feedback and insights. By reaching out to your audience via email, you can solicit responses, opinions, and suggestions regarding their goals and experiences on your website. This method allows for personalized communication and can result in detailed, actionable feedback. Heat-mapping, on the other hand, provides visual representations of user interaction with your website, highlighting areas of interest, engagement, and friction. By analyzing heat maps, you can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement in the user experience, helping you tailor your website to better align with user goals and preferences. While card sorting is a valuable method for organizing website content based on user input, it primarily focuses on information architecture rather than directly researching user goals. Therefore, the correct options for researching user goals on your website are Surveys, Email, and Heat-mapping.

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