Choose all that apply. Which of the following options is configured in the theme.json file?

Name of the theme

Link to a preview image for the theme

List of account users who cannot use the theme

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Explanation: The correct answers are Name of the theme and Link to a preview image for the theme. The theme.json file serves as a configuration file that contains essential metadata and settings for a HubSpot theme. It includes details such as the name of the theme, which identifies the theme within the HubSpot CMS interface and distinguishes it from other themes that may be available. Additionally, the theme.json file includes a link to a preview image for the theme, providing content editors and developers with a visual representation of the theme’s design and layout before applying it to a website. This preview image serves as a helpful reference for evaluating and selecting themes, ensuring that users can make informed decisions about the appearance and style of their website. However, the list of account users who cannot use the theme is not typically configured in the theme.json file. Instead, user permissions and access restrictions are managed through the HubSpot account settings and user roles, which are separate from theme configuration files. Therefore, the statement correctly identifies the name of the theme and the link to a preview image as options that are configured in the theme.json file, while the list of account users with restricted access is not.

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