Choose all that apply. Which of these are ways to increase your site speed?

Compress images

Upload images at the exact dimensions they'll be used

Add pages to your robots.txt file

Reduce the number of backlinks to your pages

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Explanation: Increasing site speed is crucial for enhancing user experience and improving search engine rankings. Two effective ways to achieve this are by compressing images and uploading images at the exact dimensions they’ll be used. Compressing images reduces their file size without significantly compromising quality, resulting in faster loading times for webpages. Similarly, uploading images at their exact dimensions ensures that browsers do not need to resize them, which can save valuable loading time. Conversely, adding pages to the robots.txt file and reducing the number of backlinks to your pages are not strategies for increasing site speed. The robots.txt file is used to instruct search engine crawlers on which pages to index or exclude from indexing, and it does not directly impact site speed. Likewise, while reducing the number of backlinks may have other SEO benefits, it does not directly influence site speed. Therefore, the correct answers are Compress images and Upload images at the exact dimensions they’ll be used.

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