Choose all that apply. Which of these pieces of content should be archived and unpublished?

Landing pages for expired offers

Product pages for products you no longer sell

Event pages for events that have passed

Blog posts that aren’t optimized for search engines

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Explanation: The selected answers are ‘Landing pages for expired offers,’ ‘Product pages for products you no longer sell,’ and ‘Event pages for events that have passed.’ Archiving and unpublishing these types of content is essential for maintaining a clean and organized website while ensuring a positive user experience. Landing pages created for expired offers may no longer serve a purpose and could potentially confuse or frustrate visitors if left accessible on the website. Similarly, product pages for discontinued or no longer available products can lead to a poor user experience if users encounter them while searching for products to purchase. Event pages for past events should be archived and unpublished to avoid confusion and prevent users from registering for events that have already occurred. On the other hand, blog posts that aren’t optimized for search engines may still provide value to website visitors, even if they may not rank highly in search results. Instead of archiving these blog posts, efforts should be made to update and optimize them for better visibility and relevance, ensuring that they continue to contribute positively to the website’s content strategy. Therefore, archiving and unpublishing landing pages for expired offers, product pages for discontinued products, and event pages for past events are appropriate actions to maintain a well-maintained and user-friendly website.

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