Choose all that apply. Which of these tactics will help improve your website's internal linking?

Add a related posts section to your blog.

Audit your robots.txt file.

Create more blog posts and web pages.

Create a pillar page and topic cluster.

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Explanation: The correct answers are Add a related posts section to your blog and Create a pillar page and topic cluster. These tactics are effective ways to improve your website’s internal linking structure, which is crucial for enhancing user experience and search engine optimization. Adding a related posts section to your blog encourages users to explore more content on your website that is relevant to their interests, increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates. This internal linking strategy also helps search engines discover and index more of your website’s pages, potentially improving their visibility in search results. Similarly, creating a pillar page and topic cluster involves organizing your website’s content around core topics or themes, with the pillar page serving as the main hub that links to related content pages. This interconnected structure not only provides users with a more coherent and organized navigation experience but also signals to search engines the relevance and authority of your content on specific topics, potentially boosting your website’s search rankings. In contrast, auditing your robots.txt file and creating more blog posts and web pages may have indirect effects on internal linking but are not direct tactics focused on improving the internal linking structure of your website. Therefore, focusing on adding related posts sections and creating pillar pages and topic clusters are recommended strategies for enhancing your website’s internal linking, ultimately contributing to improved user experience and SEO performance.

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