Choose all that apply. Why are internal links important for SEO?

They help users and search engine crawlers navigate your site.

They tell search engine crawlers which content should not be indexed.

They pass link authority from one page to another.

They allow your pages to appear in search engine results.

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Explanation: Internal links play a crucial role in SEO for several reasons. Firstly, they help users and search engine crawlers navigate a website more efficiently by providing pathways to different pages within the site. By linking relevant pages together, internal links enhance the user experience by allowing visitors to discover more content that is related to their interests or queries. Additionally, internal links distribute link authority or PageRank throughout the website. When one page links to another page within the same domain, it passes some of its authority or credibility to the linked page. This helps search engines understand the importance and relevance of the linked page, potentially improving its visibility and ranking in search results. Moreover, internal links also help establish the architecture and hierarchy of a website, indicating which pages are more important or central based on the number and quality of internal links pointing to them. Overall, internal linking is an essential aspect of SEO strategy as it enhances site navigation, distributes link authority, and improves the overall visibility and ranking potential of web pages within a site.

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