Chris is a marketing manager at The Pet Box, which offers subscription boxes for pet owners. Chris wants to increase traffic to The Pet Box's main product page. Right now that page ranks on the second page of search results for their target keyword. Chris has started improving the on-page SEO of the page, optimizing it for their target keyword, and seeking backlinks from popular pet care blogs. In order to track progress towards their goal, which metrics should Chris track?

Organic traffic, position, impressions, backlinks

Organic traffic, clickthrough rate, bounce rate, sales

Organic traffic, bounce rate, time spent on page

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Explanation: The correct answer is: Organic traffic, position, impressions, backlinks. Chris, as a marketing manager, should track a combination of metrics to monitor the progress of increasing traffic to The Pet Box’s main product page effectively. ‘Organic traffic’ is crucial as it reflects the volume of visitors coming to the page from unpaid search results, indicating the success of SEO efforts in attracting relevant traffic. ‘Position’ is essential to monitor because it shows where the page ranks in search engine results for the target keyword, providing insight into its visibility and potential for attracting clicks. ‘Impressions’ indicate how many times the page URL appears in search results, offering additional context on its visibility and potential reach. Lastly, ‘backlinks’ are important to track as they signify the authority and trustworthiness of the page, helping improve its search engine rankings and organic traffic over time. By monitoring these metrics, Chris can assess the effectiveness of the on-page SEO optimizations and backlink-building efforts, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to further enhance the page’s performance in search results and drive more traffic to The Pet Box’s main product page. While metrics like clickthrough rate, bounce rate, and time spent on page are valuable for evaluating user engagement and website performance, they may not directly align with Chris’s specific goal of increasing traffic to the main product page, making them less relevant in this context. Therefore, tracking organic traffic, position, impressions, and backlinks would provide Chris with the most comprehensive insights into the progress towards his goal of increasing traffic to The Pet Box’s main product page.

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