Crate & Barrel recently sent out an SMS promotion to its audience that included the following. If they didn’t receive the results they were looking for, what’s one thing they could improve upon with their SMS strategy moving forward?

Don’t identify themselves up front. Their brand name takes up too much space on the test.

Use a related image. Based on this photo, it’s difficult to tell what exactly they’re advertising.

Remove the link. Audience members often think links look spammy.

Try to use more emojis. The lack of emojis doesn’t match user expectations.

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Use a related image. Based on this photo, it’s difficult to tell what exactly they’re advertising.’ Incorporating relevant images in SMS promotions is crucial for conveying the message clearly and engaging recipients effectively. In the case of Crate & Barrel’s SMS, the absence of a clear image that relates to the promotion could lead to confusion among recipients regarding the offer or product being advertised. Images play a significant role in capturing attention and providing visual context, especially in a platform like SMS where space is limited. By including a related image, Crate & Barrel could improve the visual appeal of their SMS promotion, making it more compelling and easier for recipients to understand at a glance. This enhancement can lead to higher engagement rates and better conversion outcomes for their SMS marketing efforts, as recipients are more likely to take action when the message is visually appealing and relevant to their interests.

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