Customer portal is a _______ offering.

knowledge base

help desk

customer feedback


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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘self-service.’ A customer portal serves as a centralized online platform where customers can independently access information, resources, and support to address their inquiries, issues, or needs without direct interaction with a customer support representative. By providing customers with self-service capabilities, such as access to a knowledge base, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), troubleshooting guides, or community forums, a customer portal empowers users to find solutions and resolve their concerns autonomously. This not only enhances the efficiency of support operations by deflecting routine inquiries but also improves the overall customer experience by offering convenience and accessibility. Additionally, customer portals may include features for managing account information, submitting service requests, tracking the status of tickets or orders, and providing feedback, further enhancing the self-service experience. Therefore, the designation of a customer portal as a self-service offering accurately reflects its primary function and value proposition in facilitating customer autonomy and empowerment in resolving their queries and issues.

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