Dale Carnegie’s 1936 bestseller, 'How to Win Friends and Influence People', suggests that you can, “Ask questions the other person will enjoy answering.” What’s one way that you can do this in a business setting?

Tell stories about situations tangential to your topic of conversation.

Require an explanation when projects go wrong.

Ask for advice or an opinion.

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Explanation: In a business setting, one way to ask questions that the other person will enjoy answering, as suggested by Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ is to ask for advice or an opinion. This approach engages the other person by demonstrating that their expertise and insights are valued, fostering a sense of importance and validation. By seeking their advice or opinion, you not only encourage them to share their knowledge and perspective but also empower them to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way. This approach not only promotes open communication and collaboration but also builds rapport and strengthens relationships by demonstrating respect and appreciation for the other person’s expertise and input. Furthermore, asking for advice or an opinion can lead to valuable insights and solutions that may not have been considered otherwise, thereby enhancing decision-making and problem-solving processes within the business context. Therefore, adopting this approach to asking questions aligns with the principles of effective communication and relationship-building, contributing to positive interactions and outcomes in a business setting.

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