Dollar Shave Club’s chatbot answers simple questions and queries that customers may have. Based on the information available in the chat, what are the benefits for the business to use a chatbot like this? Select all that apply.

Availability: Offers 24/7 service for simple questions and queries that customers may have, providing global audiences with support options regardless of their timezone.

Clear Brand Voice: The introduction quickly establishes a tone of voice and personality for the chatbot. This helps establish the customer service persona Dollar Shave Club customers can equate to the brand, and set expectations for future interactions.

Frictionless Experience: Using a CTA with your chatbots immediately sets the expectation for what your bot can help users accomplish, and drives the purpose of the interaction.

Case Deflection: Letting customers know what a chatbot can do is a best practice, especially if it can only answer simple questions. Customers will know to look elsewhere for more involved issues, like sending an email or calling an agent.

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Explanation: Dollar Shave Club benefits from using a chatbot like this in multiple ways. Firstly, the chatbot offers Availability, providing 24/7 service for simple questions and queries, which is particularly advantageous for a global audience as it ensures support options are available regardless of timezone differences, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Secondly, the Frictionless Experience facilitated by the chatbot, which utilizes a clear call-to-action (CTA) to guide users, sets expectations and drives the purpose of the interaction, ensuring that users know how to engage with the bot effectively and efficiently. Additionally, by effectively communicating its capabilities, the chatbot contributes to Case Deflection, as customers are informed about the bot’s limitations in handling more complex issues, prompting them to seek alternative channels for assistance, thus reducing the workload on customer support agents and improving overall efficiency. While the establishment of a clear brand voice is important for consistency and customer relationship-building, and the introduction of the chatbot quickly sets the tone, the primary benefits for Dollar Shave Club in this context lie in the bot’s availability, ability to provide a frictionless experience, and contribution to case deflection, all of which contribute to enhancing the customer support experience and optimizing resource allocation within the business.

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