During an exploratory interview, your colleagues ask a participant the following: 'What do you use our app for, and do you like the experience?' You could improve this question by:

Adding 'and is there anything else you want to tell me?' to the end of your questions.

Instead of asking them if they liked the experience, make it a leading question by asking 'What do you like about the experience?'

Saying the participants name before each question.

Only asking one question at a time.

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Explanation: The selected answer, ‘Only asking one question at a time,’ is correct because it enhances the clarity and focus of the interview question. By asking only one question at a time, the interviewer ensures that the participant can provide a clear and concise response without feeling overwhelmed or confused by multiple inquiries. This approach allows the interviewer to maintain control over the conversation and ensures that each question receives adequate attention and consideration from the participant. Additionally, asking one question at a time promotes better understanding and enables the interviewer to delve deeper into specific topics or areas of interest, facilitating a more productive and insightful exploratory interview. Therefore, by refining the question to focus on one specific aspect of the participant’s app usage and experience, the interviewer can gather more meaningful and actionable insights to inform product development and improvement efforts.

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