During the Goal step of GROW coaching, what is your role as coach?

Set a goal for your salesperson to achieve.

Ensure the salesperson’s personal goals are aligned with team goals.

Ask the salesperson what goal they would like to set.

Work with the salesperson to set a goal for your coaching sessions.

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Explanation: The correct answer is Ask the salesperson what goal they would like to set. During the Goal step of the GROW coaching technique, the coach’s role is to facilitate a conversation that allows the salesperson to identify and articulate their own goals. Rather than imposing goals upon the salesperson, the coach empowers them to take ownership of their development and set objectives that are meaningful and relevant to them. By asking open-ended questions and actively listening to the salesperson’s responses, the coach encourages self-reflection, clarity, and commitment to the goal-setting process. This approach promotes autonomy, accountability, and motivation, as the salesperson is more likely to be engaged and invested in pursuing goals that they have identified themselves. Additionally, involving the salesperson in setting their own goals fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment, increasing the likelihood of successful goal attainment. Therefore, the selected answer accurately reflects the coach’s role during the Goal step of GROW coaching, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and autonomy in goal setting to drive meaningful and sustainable results.

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