During which stage of a migration should you benchmark site performance metrics?


During the migration


There is no identified stage for benchmarking site performance metrics.

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Explanation: The correct answer is Pre-migration. Benchmarking site performance metrics before initiating the migration process is essential for establishing a baseline and understanding the existing state of the website. By benchmarking performance metrics such as website traffic, organic search rankings, conversion rates, page load times, and user engagement metrics before the migration, webmasters and SEO professionals can accurately assess the impact of the migration on these key performance indicators. This baseline data serves as a point of reference for evaluating the effectiveness of the migration and identifying any changes or improvements in performance post-migration. Additionally, benchmarking pre-migration performance metrics enables businesses to set realistic goals and expectations for the migration process, helping to track progress and measure success effectively. Without benchmarking site performance metrics before the migration, it becomes challenging to quantify the impact of the migration accurately and distinguish between pre-existing issues and changes resulting from the migration. Therefore, benchmarking site performance metrics during the pre-migration stage is critical for informed decision-making, performance evaluation, and achieving successful outcomes during website migrations.

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