Evaluate this SLA: By the end of this month, Marketing will increase website traffic by 50%, and sales will attempt contact up to three times for each website lead.

This SLA’s requirements focus on the wrong activities.

This SLA’s requirements aren’t specific enough.

This SLA is missing a requirement.

No change needed.

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Explanation: The correct answer is This SLA’s requirements focus on the wrong activities. The SLA sets specific targets for both the marketing and sales departments but focuses on activities rather than outcomes. Increasing website traffic by 50% is a valid goal for marketing, but it doesn’t necessarily correlate with increased sales or revenue, which should be the ultimate objective. Similarly, specifying that sales will attempt contact up to three times for each website lead is an activity-based metric that doesn’t guarantee successful engagement or conversion. Instead, an effective SLA should focus on measurable outcomes that directly contribute to the organization’s overall objectives, such as increasing lead conversion rates or revenue generated from website leads. By shifting the focus from activities to outcomes, the SLA can better align with the organization’s strategic goals and provide clearer guidance for both marketing and sales teams to work towards shared objectives. Therefore, the SLA’s requirements indeed focus on the wrong activities, necessitating a reassessment to ensure alignment with the organization’s overarching goals and priorities.

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