Evaluate this SLA: Each month, Marketing will generate 500 qualified leads, and sales will contact each lead as quickly as possible.

This SLA’s requirements focus on the wrong activities.

This SLA’s requirements aren’t specific enough.

This SLA is missing a requirement.

No change needed.

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘This SLA’s requirements aren’t specific enough.’ While the Service Level Agreement (SLA) establishes clear expectations for both the marketing and sales teams regarding lead generation and follow-up, it lacks specificity in terms of defining what constitutes a ‘qualified’ lead and what ‘as quickly as possible’ means in terms of response time. Without clear definitions and benchmarks for these key metrics, there’s ambiguity surrounding the criteria for lead qualification and the expected timeframe for sales to follow up with leads. The term ‘qualified leads’ can vary in interpretation between different team members or departments, leading to inconsistencies in lead management and potentially resulting in wasted resources on unqualified prospects. Additionally, ‘as quickly as possible’ is subjective and doesn’t provide a concrete timeframe for sales to adhere to, which could lead to delays in lead follow-up and ultimately impact conversion rates. Therefore, to ensure effective collaboration and alignment between marketing and sales efforts, it’s essential to establish precise criteria for lead qualification and define specific response timeframes in the SLA, thereby enabling both teams to work towards common, measurable goals and optimize the lead generation process for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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