Evaluate this SLA: Marketing will generate five qualified leads each month, and sales will contact each of them within 12 hours.

This SLA's requirements focus on the wrong activities.

This SLA's requirements aren’t specific enough.

This SLA is missing a requirement.

No change needed.

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Explanation: The correct answer is: No change needed. This SLA effectively outlines specific responsibilities for both marketing and sales teams and establishes clear expectations for lead generation and follow-up actions. By specifying that marketing will generate five qualified leads each month and sales will contact each of them within 12 hours, the agreement ensures a streamlined process for lead handoff and prompt follow-up. Marketing’s role in generating qualified leads sets the stage for sales to engage with prospects efficiently, while the requirement for sales to contact each lead within a specified timeframe demonstrates a commitment to timely responsiveness and customer engagement. This SLA focuses on key activities that contribute to lead generation and conversion, fostering collaboration between marketing and sales departments and ultimately driving revenue growth. Therefore, the existing requirements outlined in the SLA are clear, specific, and aligned with the overall objective of lead conversion and customer acquisition, making no further changes necessary.

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