Evaluate this step of a sales process: Budget holder approved expense.

This step isn’t required.

This step isn’t factual.

This step isn’t inspectable.

This step isn’t buyer-centric.

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘This step isn’t inspectable.’ While obtaining approval from the budget holder is a critical milestone in the sales process, it’s not a step that can be easily observed or verified by an external party. Inspectability in the context of a sales process refers to the ability to objectively evaluate or verify whether a step has been completed or achieved. Unlike more tangible steps such as submitting a form or scheduling a meeting, the approval of expenses by the budget holder is an internal decision within the buyer’s organization, making it challenging for the salesperson or others outside the organization to inspect or verify. While sales professionals can certainly inquire about the status of budget approval and track progress through communication with the buyer, the actual decision-making process within the buyer’s organization remains opaque and beyond the direct control of the salesperson. Inspectability is crucial for tracking progress, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring accountability within the sales process. Therefore, while obtaining budget approval is an essential step in the sales process, its lack of inspectability means that it may be challenging to track and manage effectively as part of a structured sales process.

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