Evaluate this step of a sales process: Buyer discussed our product with their team.

This step isn’t required.

This step isn’t factual.

This step isn’t inspectable.

This step isn’t buyer-centric.

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘This step isn’t inspectable.’ Inspectability in the context of a sales process refers to the ability to objectively evaluate or verify whether the step has been completed or achieved. While it’s important for a buyer to discuss a product with their team as part of the decision-making process, this step lacks clear criteria or observable outcomes that can be easily inspected or measured. Unlike more tangible steps such as submitting a form or attending a demo, discussions within a buyer’s team are subjective and internal to the buyer’s organization, making it challenging for an external observer to verify or assess whether the discussion has taken place. Inspectability is crucial for tracking progress, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring accountability within the sales process. Therefore, while buyer discussions with their team are undoubtedly important for advancing the sales cycle, they may not provide the level of inspectability required for effective sales process management and optimization.

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