Every content brainstorm needs the following EXCEPT:

A moderator

A clear agenda

At least five people

Visual aids

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Explanation: The correct answer is At least five people. While having multiple perspectives can be valuable during a content brainstorming session, there is no set rule or requirement for a specific number of participants. The effectiveness of a brainstorming session depends more on the quality of ideas generated rather than the quantity of participants involved. In fact, smaller groups can sometimes be more conducive to productive brainstorming, as they allow for more focused and in-depth discussions without the potential for overcrowding or distraction. Additionally, larger groups may encounter challenges such as difficulty managing diverse viewpoints or ensuring equal participation from all members. Therefore, while a moderator, a clear agenda, and visual aids are important elements for a successful content brainstorming session, the number of participants can vary depending on the specific needs and dynamics of the team.

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