Every story has these three storytelling elements. What are they?

Characters, conflict, and resolution

Conflict, idea, and resolution

Characters, conflict, and interest

Conflict, spark, and conclusion

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Explanation: Every story comprises three essential storytelling elements: characters, conflict, and resolution. Characters are the individuals or entities central to the narrative, driving the plot forward through their actions and decisions. Conflict refers to the challenges or obstacles that characters encounter, creating tension and driving the story’s momentum. Conflict is essential for capturing the audience’s attention and investment in the narrative. Finally, resolution represents the outcome or resolution of the conflict, providing closure and often delivering a message or lesson. Together, these elements form the backbone of storytelling, guiding the audience through a journey of discovery and emotional engagement. Without one of these elements, the story may lack depth or fail to resonate with the audience. Therefore, characters, conflict, and resolution are fundamental components of every compelling narrative.

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