Fill in the blank: As marketing gets better at delivering the right number of leads each month, they’ll also need to get better at ______.

reporting on those leads

communicating with those leads

closing sales with those leads

delivering those leads at a sensible cadence

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Explanation: The correct answer is delivering those leads at a sensible cadence. As marketing improves its ability to generate the right number of leads each month, it becomes essential for them to ensure that these leads are delivered at a sensible cadence. Cadence refers to the timing and frequency at which leads are delivered to the sales team for follow-up. Delivering leads at a sensible cadence involves optimizing the timing and volume of lead delivery to align with the capacity and resources of the sales team. If leads are delivered too quickly or in excessive quantities, it can overwhelm the sales team and lead to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, or poor conversion rates. On the other hand, delivering leads at a slow pace or insufficient volume may result in underutilization of sales resources and missed revenue opportunities. Therefore, as marketing enhances its lead generation capabilities, it must also focus on refining its lead delivery processes to ensure that leads are delivered to the sales team at a pace that allows for effective follow-up and maximizes conversion opportunities, making the selected answer correct.

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