Fill in the blank: const headers = { Authorization: `Bearer ${private_app_token} 'Content-Type: ______ }





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Explanation: The selected answer, ‘application/json,’ is correct because it accurately completes the Content-Type header value for sending JSON data in an HTTP request. When making HTTP requests that include a payload, such as when sending JSON data to a server, it is essential to specify the Content-Type header to inform the server about the type of data being transmitted. In this case, the Content-Type header should be set to application/json to indicate that the request payload is formatted as JSON. This ensures that the server can correctly parse and process the incoming data according to the JSON format. Additionally, the Authorization header is included in the request to authenticate the client using a bearer token (Bearer ${private_app_token}). By combining the Authorization header with the specified Content-Type header, the HTTP request is properly configured to include both authentication information and the payload formatted as JSON, enabling secure and efficient communication between the client and server. Therefore, setting the Content-Type header to application/json completes the HTTP request configuration and allows for the transmission of JSON data in the request payload as intended, making it the correct choice for filling in the blank in the provided code snippet.

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