Fill in the blank: Every step of your sales process needs to be _____.

Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely

Required, factual, inspectable, and buyer-centric

Urgent, important, qualified, and profitable

Clear, concise, complete, and correct

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Explanation: The correct answer is Required, factual, inspectable, and buyer-centric. Each step of the sales process should fulfill certain criteria to ensure effectiveness. Firstly, they need to be ‘required,’ meaning that each step should be necessary and contribute to moving the prospect closer to a successful outcome. Secondly, they should be ‘factual,’ based on accurate information and data rather than assumptions or guesswork. Thirdly, they should be ‘inspectable,’ meaning that progress through each step can be tracked, monitored, and evaluated for effectiveness. Lastly, they should be ‘buyer-centric,’ focusing on meeting the needs, challenges, and preferences of the buyer rather than being solely driven by the seller’s agenda. By adhering to these principles, sales processes become more streamlined, customer-focused, and conducive to achieving successful outcomes, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the sales efforts.

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