Fill in the blank: Every step of your sales process should be required, factual, inspectable, and _____.





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Explanation: The correct answer is buyer-centric. In modern sales practices, it’s crucial for every step of the sales process to be buyer-centric, meaning focused on the needs, preferences, and journey of the buyer rather than solely on the seller’s objectives. By prioritizing a buyer-centric approach, sales teams can better understand their prospects, build rapport, and tailor their interactions and solutions to address the specific challenges and goals of each individual buyer. A buyer-centric sales process emphasizes active listening, empathy, and value creation, enabling sales professionals to establish trust, foster meaningful relationships, and differentiate themselves from competitors. Moreover, aligning the sales process with the buyer’s journey helps streamline the sales cycle, reduce friction, and increase the likelihood of successful outcomes. Therefore, ensuring that every step of the sales process is buyer-centric is essential for driving customer engagement, satisfaction, and ultimately, conversion, making it the correct answer.

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