Fill in the blank: Google recommends a font size of at least _______ on at least 60% of the text on your page.





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Explanation: The correct answer is 12px. Google recommends a font size of at least 12 pixels on at least 60% of the text on your page for optimal readability and user experience. This recommendation aligns with best practices for web accessibility and usability, ensuring that text is legible across various devices and screen sizes. Using a minimum font size of 12 pixels helps prevent issues such as text appearing too small on high-resolution displays or when viewed on mobile devices, where smaller text sizes can be difficult to read without zooming. Additionally, maintaining consistency in font size across the majority of your content improves readability and visual hierarchy, making it easier for users to consume and understand the information presented on your website. Therefore, adhering to Google’s recommendation of a minimum font size of 12 pixels contributes to a better user experience and can positively impact factors such as user engagement, satisfaction, and accessibility compliance.

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